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Spanish Property Syndicate Investor Members Required

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Spanish Property Syndicate Investor Members Required
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Date Added: 22/10/2015
Last Updated: 11/08/2019

Price : 1000

Type : Apartments

For Sale or Rent : Sale

Bedrooms : 2

Bathrooms : 1

City : Costa Blanca

County : Alicante

Country : Spain

Postcode : 03182

View Map : Click Here

Contact Person : Tracy

Phone : 07792629441

Web-site: Click Here

Ad ID : 2572418

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Spanish Property Syndicate Investor Members Required - Costa Blanca, Alicante

Note: The price is a placeholder. It is up to the new member what they wish to invest subject to a minimum of £1000. To be increased to £2000 on 23 August 2019.

You Tube Video:

New Members Welcome!!  Only 1 / 2 membership places remaining under current syndicate policy! So inquire today, you might just like what you discover. The syndicate now has 10 members having added 5 new members in the last year and is aiming to increase its membership to 12 by 31 December 2019. Interested potential new investor members will be able to connect with existing members prior to membership registration (signing of the Syndicate Membership Agreement - SMA) and transfer of any initial investment funds. Please visit the syndicates eBay Item for further details (Item No.153581103297) searching for "Spain Costa Blanca Property Investment Share & Rental Syndicate" and read what the latest new member has to say about the syndicate (TMS10 is an Accountant). The syndicate has now acquired 8 IP's and is currently looking for IP9. Note: that there are no membership subscription fees and the Syndicate Manager, himself an investing member takes no salary or income whatsoever from the syndicate investment funds! All monies invested by members go directly in to IP purchases on behalf of the investing membership. We operate a purchasing model which enables us to keep all costs down to a minimum.

Wouldn't you like to be part of an exiting mutually beneficial syndicate ad/venture whilst building a personal portfolio of FREEHOLD ownership shares in Spanish Costa property and realise steady equity growth and rental income returns proportional to the % share you have in a/each Investment Property (IP)? And also enjoy additional benefits as you climb the investment ladder. Then join The Med Syndicate and become one of the team. ( Contact details are also at the foot of this description.

New Investing Member Free % Bonus Share Incentive:

(Only applies to new members and for a limited time only - minimum new member initial investment is £1000 per IP and the maximum is a 49% share of an IP)

1. Investing in over 9% of an IP Apartment qualifies you for a 0.5% free share of the current IP/s for new investing members!! So if you joined the syndicate and initially invested in a 9.5% ownership share of an apartment you would have a 10% share of that IP Apartment!!

2. Investing in over 19.9% of an IP Apartment qualifies you for a 1.0% free share of the current IP/s for new investing members!! So if you joined the syndicate and initially invested in a 19.9%+ ownership share of an apartment you would have +1% bonus share in that IP Apartment. So if you took a 20% investment share in an IP your ownership share would be 21%


Current IP's with ownership shares available:

Note: There are no ownership shares available in IP's1 to 6 which are already owned by existing members.

IP6 1 bed apartment with a nice balcony over looking pool some 10m across the central courtyard.

IP7 2 bed apartment with pool 15m up the corridor - has 35% availability

Images and videos will be supplied of the IP's you would be investing in.

IP8 with sea view has £2K availability.

IP9, IP10 - 2019/2020

IP11, IP12 - 2021

Smaller shares are available subject to a minimum initial investment of £1000 per IP which one can add to over the period of long completion.


Fractional or Shared Ownership

Own FREEHOLD Spanish Property on the Med at a Fraction of the Cost

Now you can own your own investment properties (IP's) in Spain at a fraction of the cost. Fractional ownership allows you to buy a share in a property with fellow investors (syndicate members). Unlike timeshare, you and the people you jointly purchase the IP with are the legal owners of the property. And your % share is reflected in the amount you choose to invest in an IP. Shared or fractional ownership of property abroad is becoming increasingly popular for UK and European buyers. A share in an IP grants you a percentage ownership of that property in co ownership with other investing syndicate members. All legally documented and protected.

The Med Syndicate was established by a group of friends and professional associates in June 2015 with plans to run initially for 10 years, at which time a vote will be taken by the membership on whether to liquidate its accumulated assets (Investment properties) and pay members their share of the proceeds or extend its life for a further 5 years. After which time their would be a further vote taken. There are many potential small investors who are not able to purchase a property in the med sun of their own outright but can now do so jointly with other like-minded small investors via the Med Syndicate. A simple low cost example of an IP purchase would be as follows:-


An IP Apartment purchase with all in costs including legals and taxes = £50000

5 members opt to invest in the IP

1 member invests £20000 which results in a 40% share of the apartment

2 members Invest £10000 each which results in a 20% share each of the apartment

1 member invests £8000 which results in a 16% share of the apartment

1 member invests £2000 which results in a 4% share of the apartment

= 100%


Rental income returns are proportional to the % share a member has of an IP apartment.


So if rental income earned in one year was £5000 the member with a 20% share would be entitled to £1250 of the rental income generated. Whilst they watch their share of equity grow in value and particularly now because the Spanish Property Market is a the base of a projected steady 10+ year growth curve!

Members can choose to sell any shares they have in an IP after a period of 2 years if they so wish. Obviously the longer the member holds onto the share the greater the benefit later and the greater the rental income received over the period of ownership.

The typical cost of 1 full share in an IP is between £6000-£10000. The minimum investment required to take up membership is £1000 per IP which would be an investment in the current IP/s. Multiple shares are available in an IP up to a maximum share of 49.5%. Half of a full share and smaller shares may also be available upon request subject in an to a minimum of £1000 per new member. Members are able to add to their investments periodically (month by month, quarter by quarter etc) if this better supports their investment funds mustering process. e.g. in sums of £2000, £1000, £500 or £300 etc. Whatever the new member can muster to add to their investment. And one of the purchasing models we use (long completions) support this funding model. All funds invested/transferred are fully receipted!



The Med Syndicate now has 8 members (2 Female & 6 Male) with 1 pending, the latest member as of September is a retired Company Director. The syndicate is looking to expand its membership initially to a maximum of 12 as per syndicate policy to give the syndicate more purchasing power so as to be able to acquire more and better IP's sooner. And also realise greater equity growth and rental income returns sooner.

All funds sourced for the next IP by investor members go directly into the purchase pot for that IP. There are no fees or any salary paid to anyone in or outside of the syndicate associated with the acquisition of IP's! I the Syndicate Manager & Founder and investor member run the syndicate in the interest of the membership in helping all to mutually benefit from our ad/venture. It's interesting and challenging to see where we can take the syndicate and I enjoy bringing benefit to others and it also keeps me busy!

The syndicates current membership of 10 comprises of a
Syndicate Manager - Retired Chartered Engineer - based in Northampton & Torrevieja Spain
Alarms Systems Engineer - based in Northampton
Entrepreneur/Property Investor - based in Tunbridge Wells
Network and IT Communications Business Owner - based in Cheshire
Medical Business Owner - based in Northampton
Service Manager - based in Norfolk

Administrator - based in Leicestershire

Retired Director - based in Derbyshire

Transport Business Owner - based in Leicestershire

Accountant - based in Lancashire

The property market in Spain is now recovering and is at the base of a projected steady 10 year+ growth curve following the Spanish real estate market crash in 2007/2008. Prices are now 30-40% less than they were in 2007 and in some cases 50%. So much growth potential in the pipeline. The Med Syndicate purchased IP1 3 bed apartment (500m to beach) in Torrevieja in Jan 2016 for 55000 euros for only half the price the apartment was in 2007 (110,000 euros). The same apartment next door was on the market for 117,000 in 2007 also. See attached IP1 Valuation at the time of purchase.

All inquiries are welcome and potential new members are introduced to existing syndicate members prior to registration and transfer of initial investment share funds as a means of establishing confidence in the syndicates operations to date. Contact details of existing members will be supplied to anyone who is serious about becoming a investing syndicate member.

The syndicate has so far purchased 8 IP's on behalf of its investor members. There are now no longer any shares available in IP's 1 to 6.

The IP's acquired to date by syndicate members are as follows:-

IP1 is a 3 bed apartment only 500m to the beach located in Torrevieja some 5 mins walk into town and close to all amenities.

- It is owned by 4 syndicate members and currently under long term rental

IP2 is a 1 bed Andalucian finca/cottage located in a hillside town near Granada.

- It is owned by 5 syndicate members

IP3 is a 5000+ sqm plot of build rights land close to Pinoso and only 45km from Alicante. The intention is to add a Villa and pool to the land sometime in the future.

- It is owned by 5 syndicate members.

IP4 is a 2000+ sqm plot of land which slightly borders IP3 and close to Pinoso and only 45km from Alicante. The inteion is to add a mobile home/chalet to the land sometime in the future.

- It is owned by 5 syndicate members.

IP5 is a 3 bed open plan apartment over looking a plaza in Rojales approx. 4 miles to the beach. Properties rent well here and for longer term. This will be popular with potential tenants/renters.

- It is owned by 8 syndicate members.

IP6 is a 1 bed apartment with a good balcony which overlooks the pool some 20m away. It is located in Torrevieja next to the Park of Nations and is only 8 mins walk to the beach and 6 mins walk into town. This will be a good rental income generator.

- It will be owned once completion is finalised by approx. 6-7 syndicate members.

IP7 is a 2 bed apartment with a pool 15m up the corridor. It is also located in Torrevieja next to the Park of Nations and is only 8 mins walk to the beach and 6 mins walk into town. This will be a good rental income generator.

- It will be owned once completion is finalised by approx. 6-8 syndicate members.

IP8 apartment with sea and pool view.

IP6 is a 1 bed 46sqm apartment with nice balcony overlooking the pool which is some 20m away located in the buildings central courtyard. So ideal for watching over the kids whilst relaxing on the apartment balcony. The apartment is located across the road from the well known Park of Nations and is only 8 mins walk to the beach and marina, and 6 mins into town. We are purchasing this apartment for much less than the apartment was purchased for in February 2003 including all costs. So a bargain which will prove to be a good rental income generator. The reason we are getting this at such a good price is a) the market crash of 2008 and b) because the owner recently lost her hubby so she just wants to off load the place quickly.

IP7 is a 2 bed 60sqm apartment with a pool some 15m up the corridor. The apartment is also located across the road from the well known Park of Nations (building next door to IP6) and is only 8 mins walk to the beach and marina, and 6 mins into town. We are purchasing this apartment for less than the apartments overall purchase costs of June 2006. It will have 6-8 member shares.

Member Use of IP's

Syndicate members and immediate family are permitted to use syndicate property for personal reasons i.e. short vacations (1-4wks) when they are not under rental assuming they are fit for habitation and furnished. Any exceptions to the rule will be considered on a case by case basis. The rental due for these short periods will be subject to a 50% discount+ownership share % discount. The property must be left clean and tidy after use. If a member wants to rent a property full time then they would receive a rental discount equivalent to the % share they have in the property+10%.

There are 2 kinds of shares which members acquire in an IP


  1. Direct Investment Shares (DIS) – investment funds provided directly from the member for a share/s in an IP
  2. Rental Income Re-investment Shares (RIRS) – investment funds which come from a members earned rental income

Any rental income earned (less expenses) by a member shareholder is re-invested as Rental Income Re-investment Shares (RIRS) for the member for the first 2 years in subsequent IP/IPs a) to ensure that each member at least has a small share in the next IP/IPs,  b) to help with funds provision for subsequent IPs and c) to give time for the property to become operational.  After 2 years the investing shareholder member can choose to take their share of the rental income or continue to re-invest it in subsequent IP’s which provides a) a greater shareholding and b) a greater return later. Note: This policy is currently under review now that the membership is growing and may well be amended shortly subject to a member vote so that members can either continue to reinvest or choose to take their rental income share after 12 months and annually thereafter. Members can then choose to reinvest or take the income year by year. So if one year they would like the rental income sent to them and then decide the following year to reinvest it then that is up to the member.

Membership and Registration is via a Syndicate Membership Agreement (SMA) which specifies syndicate policies and the way the syndicate operates as well as protects the rights of all concerned.

Investing members are issued with an IP Equity Share Statement (which stipulates the % shareholding of each investing member in an IP) and a set of Equity Share Certificates for each IP they invest in. All members investing in an IP receive a copy of the IP Equity Share Statement (signed, sealed and independently witnessed) and copies of all the certificates of all investing members for an IP.  Along with all the figures associated with an IP investment and purchase. (Including a DIS and RIRS shares breakdown). So each IP investing member can clearly see the full shareholding breakdown of an IP.

Note: Smaller investments subject to an minimum of £1000 are also welcome which as referred to earlier can be added to subject to remaining share availability up until completion.


Please don't hesitate to CONTACT Tracy (a Mr) the syndicate manager who is based in Northampton & Torrevieja for further information via or tel: 07792629441 or +34629462786.

Also visit our website canvas:

Documentary evidence of the syndicates operations is available for scrutiny.


Questions or requests for further information are welcomed. Feel free to drop me a line. You might be exited and encouraged by the opportunities our syndicate is exploiting!

We look forward to hearing from you. Don't be shy and let this opportunity pass you by. At least inquire more before deciding to dismiss our venture as being not for you.

The syndicate manager is a retired Chartered Engineer with much experience in real estate portfolio development.


We regard the Med Syndicate and its members as a team supporting each other to achieve a mutually beneficial goal, which is  "The Successful Development of A Syndicate Membership Property Portfolio Generating Equity Growth & Rental Income Returns for its Members"

Search eBay for item 153288109818

Sourcing of Investment Funds Payment Options:-
Via Paypal
or Bank Transfer UK or Spain
Details will be supplied when required.

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